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Japan is blessed with an abundance of naturally healthy foods. The ume has been utilized for its health benefits since the Nara Period 1300 years ago, and since our founding 120 years ago, Nakata Foods has brought this traditional food to more and more consumers, producing an increasing range of products for our customers to enjoy. The ume’s role in health, with increasing focus from consumers around the world, continues to inform our R&D and product development. Nakata Foods will continue to drive new market value by developing delicious and reliable umeboshi, umeshu, and ume products for an increasingly global market.

The local community relies on ume for its wellbeing, including harvesters; primary and secondary producers; plastics, cardboard, and other manufacturing; logistics, and more. Nakata Foods helps drive demand for these workers, and is also dependent on their efforts. Our role in this local cycle is of great importance to us, and being of service locally is at the heart of all of our endeavors.

We hope you will join us for a journey into one of Japans rich traditions. Nakata Foods produces "Our home’s flavor; our hearts’ flavor", and we hope to share it with you.




In Japan, shokunin, or artisan workers, are experts in their traditional fields. With a corporate history of 120 years and four generations, we are proud to be ume shokunin, and are committed to producing only products that reflect that experience and expertise.


  • We will always strive to act with the customers perspective in mind.

  • We will put our heart into each product and each ume as we craft goods for our customers.

  • We will cultivate foresight and responsiveness to adapt quickly to the times.

  • We will create a corporate environment where teamwork and each team members individuality and ability are realized to their greatest potential.

  • We will value each experience and ensure consistent improvement at each stage of our development.

  • We will continue to work to lower our impact on the environment.



Traditionally, monozukuri meant making things with your hands. We carry on this tradition, as ume production still requires lots of human interaction. Ume are harvested by hand; washed and salted by hand; dried by hand; sorted by hand; and packed by hand.

Nakata Foods is ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 compliant. A quality management office oversees quality assurance and quality control, and communicates regularly with our compliance officer and customer feedback department. Traceability extends back to the farmer; kaizen-based improvement procedures are constantly monitored for effectiveness; state-of-the-art weight checkers and metal detectors ensure error-free packing. Every batch of product is thoroughly chemically analyzed during and after production to ensure flavor, nutritional profile, and lack of contaminants.


Nakata Foods' History

1897 Nakata Genjiro founds Nakata Trading

1916 Nakata Company expands into umeboshi processing

1961 Umeboshi imports from Taipei begin

1967 "Inaka-zuke" umeboshi released

1973 Mail-order sales begin

1978 Kamitonda factory built

1993 Headquarters moves to current location in Shimomisu, Tanabe City

1996 Kishu umeshu liqueur sales begin

1997 Sept. Nakata Foods' 100 year anniversary

Oct. The Emperor and Empress of Japan visit the headquarters and factory

2001 Company president becomes chair of the All Japan Tsukemono [pickles] Federation of Cooperatives

2002 "Shirara" umeboshi launched

2006 3rd generation president Nakata Hajimu becomes chair of Nakata Foods board
Nakata Yoshiaki becomes 4th generation president of Nakata Foods
Oct: Launched umeshu exports at SIAL International Food Exhibition, Paris

2012 New headquarters shop, Ume No Sato, constructed

2014 Solar array installed on headquarters umeboshi and umeshu factories

2019 Planned completion of fermented waste products electricity generation plant

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