Ume Coulis

The newest flavor from Japan


Introducing ume coulis, the first-to-market product bringing ume's unique flavor, fruity tartness, and rich aroma to chefs and mixologists in an easy to use product with no salt or alcohol.

Ume coulis is reminiscent of its relatives apricot, peach, and plum; but one taste and you'll agree it's a brand new flavor. Ume has a pH of 2.5, like lemon and vinegar but without the sour bite. We hope you'll be at creativity's leading edge with this undiscovered ingredient.

Nakata Foods has been a trustworthy name in the ume industry for 120 years. We are proud to continue to popularize a 1300-year-old tradition, and to promote awareness of new facets of Japanese culture, especially as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics approach.

Available for professional use only. Right click to download product information sheet.

Ingredients: Tree-ripened Nanko-ume, granulated sugar, ascorbic acid. 

Form: 500g stand pouch with screw cap.

Expiration: 1 year.

Case ct: 18pcs.

Shipped frozen.

Right click to download product information sheet.